MEPCO is a Wapda Distribution Company that enables you to conveniently pay your bills and access duplicate bills Online. With MEPCO online, you can say goodbye to the hassle of standing in long queues or losing important documents. Whether it’s your electricity bill or any other utility bill, MEPCO has got you covered. Say goodbye to paper bills and hello to the convenience of managing your bills online. If you have not recieved or misplaced your Wapda Bill with MEPCO, you can easily View Online and Also download duplicate bills whenever you need them.

What Is MEPCO and How It Works

What Is MEPCO and How It Works

MEPCO is a user-friendly platform that allows you to conveniently make bill payments and obtain duplicate bills. By using MEPCO online, you can bid farewell to the inconvenience of waiting in long queues or misplacing important documents. Whether it’s your electricity bill or any other utility bill, MEPCO has all your needs covered. Make the switch from paper bills to the ease of managing your bills online. With MEPCO online, accessing and downloading duplicate bills is just a few clicks away, eliminating the worry of misplacing your bill.

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About Mepco

The Multan Electric Power company was established in 1922 during British India Era. In 1972, The Government of Pakistan Nationalized MEPCO company.

On 14 May 1998, The Government of Pakistan decided to established MEPCO as Wapda distribution company. The board of company take over all assets.

Areas Covered

Mepco works in 13 Districts of South Punjab.

MultanMuzaffar GarhKhanewal
LayyahDera Ghazi KhanTaunsa Sharif
Bahawal NagarVehariPakpattan
SahiwalRahim Yar KhanBahawal Pur
LodhranRajan PurFort Munro

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Main Objectie Behind MEPCO Company

Due to high Population in covered Areas, The Company is Pakistan Largest Distribution company in Pakistan. The company aims to provide electricity 24 hours a day to their customers.

The Main objective behind the company are here.

  • To Ensure Follow the Govt Police Sar Sabz and Roshan Pakistan.
  • The company are trying to provide electricity all rural and urban areas that they covered.
  • The Management aim to provide Un-Interrupted electricity to domestic, agricultural and commercial areas.

MEPCO Online Bill Payment

All covered areas customers can pay their bill with different payment methods.

  • Jazzcash
  • Easypaisa
  • Upaisa
  • Pakistan Post Offices All branches
  • All Designated Bank Branches

Jazz Cash App

This is best and easy ways to pay your bill before the last date of Bijli bill.

To Pay your bill with Jazzcash app, you can follow the instructions.

  • Login into your Jazz Cash App with your Credentials
  • From the App, utility bill option
  • Select The Mepco company from the list
  • Time to enter your 14 Digits Number of Electricity Bill
  • They will asked the Jazzcash Password to pay your bill
  • Enter your Password to proceed the option.
  • you will received the message when your bill was paid

New Connection

Want to Get New MEPCO New Connection, the company procedure is very easy. Before apply for new connection, you need Applicants CNIC Copies, 2 copies of witnesses, ownership proof of the property, Affedivit fee for new connection, applicants under taking.

mepco new connection in urdu instructions

Simple Guide To Check Online Mepco Bill?

The company offered a very simple method to check current month bill.

  • Visit the Official website of The Multan Electric power company.
  • Enter 14 digits Reference number (copy from Electricity bill).
  • Now click on the Check Bill Button.
  • Before enter your reference number, choose domestic or commercial option from the list to check online bill.

Bill App

yes, you can download your current and old month bill via bill app offered by Multan electric power supply company. This app will helps you register your complaints, check loadshedding schedule, pay your bill. All these features may help to ease your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disco in Wapda?

Disco is an Distribution company works under the WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority). The Disco is responsible for Electricity Distribution to its customers 7 days a week. A Total of 10 Discos working in Pakistan Except KESC.

How To check Mepco bill paid or Not?

Before the last date, you must be paid the current month paid. if you did not do it , then you pay surcharge fee inclulding bill payment fee.
Visit the mepco official website and click on the check bill option and enter your bill reference number. On the page, you can check your bill status about bill paid or not paid in pakistan.

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