PTCL Tax Certificate 2024

We are here with full details about PTCL Tax Certificate 2024 and also how to submit withholding Income Tax with Tax Certificate. This Tax certificate is valid for Landline DSL, Evo Chargi, and other products that are used by Customers.

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What is PTCL Withholding Tax Certificate and Why Do We Need It?

You know that A Income Tax or A Re tension Tax is A Kind of Tax that is paid to the Government on your Salary Income rather than the receptionist of your Income. Therefore the tax will be deducted from your income due to the Receptionist.  You can check more details about Tax Certificate here sources.

PTCL Tax Certificate For Landline

Now, We will tell you how to download the PTCL tax certificate for your Landline Connection. Follow the steps and download the Certificate for your Income tax File Submission to Federal Govt or Provincial Govt.

  • First of All, Visit Official PTCL Website
  • After opening the PTCL Web Page, Now Select your service Type Landline
  • Now select your PTCL Area Code
  • Enter your Phone Number like this 021-1234567890
  • Now Enter The Account ID of your Telephone Number provided by The PTCL
  • The next option is select Period
  • Solve the Captcha
  • Click on Inquire Tax
  • On the very Next Page, your Tax Certificate ready To start the Download
ptcl tax certificate 2022 for landline users

PTCL Tax Certificate For Evo Chargi

Here is the Second Option to Check the PTCL tax Certificate for Evo Chargi Devices

  • Click on the URL (Uniform Resource Location) given above Paragraph
  • Now Select Service EVo Chargi Instead of Landline Option from the given Options
  • Find and Put MDN Number with 92
  • MDN Number will be checked back side of the Evo Device
  • The Second Step is To Enter the ESN Number
  • The ESN Also called ICCID Number and found on the back side of the PTCL EVO
  • Enter the User CNIC Number who completed Registration on PTCL Website
  • Please select the last date to check the tax certificate for EVO PTCL.
  • Solve the Captcha and Click on Inquire TAx
  • You did your Job.
  • Your Tax Certificate is Ready To View or Download
ptcl tax certificate 2022 for chargi evo users

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Download My PTCL Tax Certificate?

You Can Download The Tax Certificate very Easily by Visiting PTCL Tax Web Page online. The Link to Download mentioned above ptcl Evo and Chargi section. The Link will redirect to The Download Page and where you can download after Submitting your Landline and Evo Related Documents.

What is the MDN Number in PTCL?

MDN  Stands for Mobile Directory Number and is allocated From PTCL to Every Evo Device holder. This is a Unique Number that is available to The PTCL Chargi SIM Jacket as Well as Chargi Device Box. MDN Number will be found Under the Battery LID (Battery Power Cloud Services) or Under the shell  (USB Powered or USB Liked Devices)

How To Download PTCL Tax Certificate Online?

Follow The Instruction to Get All related Updated About Online download of PTCL Tax Certificates.
Open The Official Website of PTCL.
Download link mentioned Above The Lines.
When you click the link, you will redict the Page where you can downlaod Tax Certificate Online.
First of All, Select the Service Type, Landline, Evo, or PTCL Chargi.
Select The Area Code and Enter your PTCL Number.
Write Your Account ID
Select The Tax Year, Which you want to Download tax Certificate of PTCL.
Complete The Captcha
Now, Click on Inquire Tax and your tax certificate ready to Download.

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